Host quality charter

You are a “Be my nest Host”, so you are willing to share, meet, provide a fantastic experience and leave unforgettable memories for the person staying at your place.
This doesn’t mean you need to complicate your life!
You simply need to offer your Guests something that will give them a good time in your city. For example, there’s nothing better than cooking together to bring people closer to one another and to give them amazing memories.

You are committed

By becoming a Be my nest Host, you are committed to welcoming a person to your place in the same way that you would like to be welcomed if it was you who were travelling. You have to be physically present during your Guest’s stay. You will become their go-to person as they get settled into the country. You will be able to make their life easier by providing them with a base from which to build their experience.
The MOST important advice we can give that will make all the difference:

1. You’re having a good time
2. Your Guest is having a good timeIn order to achieve these things, the best thing to do is: communicate. Simple!
Do you have a question, are you having difficulties understanding what your Guest is saying/doing, do you need the bathroom earlier in the morning, did you ask your Guest to tidy up their bedroom but they haven’t done it? Did they make too much noise last night, do you have to go away for dinner when they were counting on you, are they asking you to use your personal mobile phone to help them out ? Did they not clean up their dishes last night… The list could be endless and a lot of these situations can be tricky to handle when you are sharing a home with someone. To handle them in the best way possible, with the best outcome for everyone, all you need to do is to talk about it. Put on your best smile and say things nicely, it’s the best policy!

How do you welcome your Guest?

Are you curious and excited to meet your Guest ? Are you wondering how the trip will go for your next Guest?
To guarantee you the best experience possible with them, it is essential to talk to them before their arrival. This will allow you to plan practical things for their arrival (transport, time of arrival etc.). This seems very obvious but it is also the most important! Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage, emails…. there are lots of options to get in touch with them!
Finally, there they are!
You organised everything with your Guest and you are ready to welcome them. The moment of their arrival is getting closer and you finally hear the bell ring! Wear your best smile and put your Guest at ease. This moment of the trip can be difficult for the Guest as they might be tired from their trip; after doing the tour of the house with them and handing over the keys, offer them a chance to rest!

What can you offer your Guest to make them feel comfortable?

When you travel, even if you are not expecting the accommodation to be a palace, it is always nice to find a place that is clean and comfortable.

Being a Be my nest Host, you are required to respect the cleanliness and comfort criteria:

– Perfect linen: clean sheets and comfortable beds are essential after a long journey, and as we all know, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep!
– Space in your cupboards: give them a welcoming feeling by leaving enough space so they can unpack their bags and not live out of a suitcase.
– An adjustable heater: ask your Guest about the temperature in their bedroom and try to accommodate their requests.
– Airing: say no to bad smells! Smell could ruin what is otherwise a clean and tidy room. To avoid this, just open your windows everyday…

What are the basics that I have to provide?

No matter what type of home you have (apartment, house, studio…), when welcoming someone to your place, it is important to provide them with the following:
– Wifi: Usually the first thought of every traveller, no matter who they are! Don’t be surprised if this is the first question that your Guest asks you.
– Kitchen equipment: the Guest will have access to the kitchen and everything in it. If you wish your Guest to not use anything specific (such as a certain appliance), we suggest you put it somewhere safe where the Guest can’t find it. Make sure you leave your Guest some space in the fridge and cupboards.
– Desk: Your Guest must be provided with a desk in their room so they can work comfortably.
– Bathroom towels: you need to provide your Guest with bathroom towels and change them at least once a week.
– Sheets: You need to provide sheets and change them at least once a week.
– Washing machine: your Guests are used to having easy access to a washing machine in their own home; let them know if you will take care of their clothes or if the Guest needs to take care of it themselves, in which case, teach them clearly how to use the washing machine.
– Bathroom: see the “bathroom” paragraph

How should you manage the bathroom?

Like everyone else, you have your own rhythm for how you use your bathroom. You need to find a simple way to share this bathroom with your Guest who also has their own habits. To do so, it’s very simple: you will only need a little adaptation from both sides! Our tip is to both agree on an agreement at the start of their stay. Be careful, don’t forget that on top of the habits, the culture of some Guests can be very different from your own regarding the use of the bathroom… Be open minded in order to not upset your Guest and show that you can be flexible.

Kitchen or not kitchen?

Aaaah the kitchen…! There’s no greater way to share stories and build memories than chatting over a traditional meal. We all agree on this statement so it is very important to take this seriously if you want to have a comfortable stay with your Guest. You don’t have to be the best cook in the world… Be consistent with what you said on the questionnaire and respect your commitments. The general satisfaction of your Guest depends upon it! This is true for both the quality and the quantity of the meals that you serve during the stay to your Guest.

Who looks after the cleaning?

It’s natural that you clean your own apartment. Let us give you a tip: Toilets and the bathroom always need a little extra attention; these are the rooms that really need to be looked after. As for the bedroom in which your Guest is staying, your Guest needs to clean it. Another tip: to have your Guest completely satisfied, do not hesitate to regularly vacuum their bedroom. This will demonstrate your motivation to give them the best level of comfort possible!
We can’t say this enough…
On the one hand, sharing an apartment or house requires both of you to be respectful of one another’s habits. On the other hand, welcoming someone to your home asks you to be open minded and flexible. So don’t be surprised to find your Guest in a room that you are not used to sharing. If their presence in some rooms of the house is a problem, let him know with a big smile and in a very courteous way. Once again, communication is the key!

Do you need specific insurance?

In any home, and in any situation, accidents can happen. Therefore, insurance is compulsory.
To make their stay the best it can be, there are two keys to succes

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