Being a Be my nest Host means above all offering quality accommodation. Our ambition is to enable students, trainees or professionals on the move to carry out their projects in good conditions and thus contribute to their success.

Quality of accommodation

The room must meet basic criteria:
– Minimum size: 9m2
– Required equipments: a bed, a desk, storage space
– Mandatory presence of a window and lighting

Your tenant must have access to running water and a kitchen, whether private or shared. The room and common areas must be clean and decent. The cleaning is your responsibility; however, it is recommended that you invite your tenant to tidy up his belongings or clean his dishes after his/her visit. You must give him/her a key and you will not be able to enter his/her room without his permission.

Each accommodation has its own particularities and style, it is up to us to find the right tenant, the one who will feel comfortable there.

Quality of the welcome

Renting a room or studio also means meeting others and listening. Thus, if the quality of the accommodation remains paramount, it is just as important to be a welcoming and caring Host, in all circumstances and throughout the rental period.

Your tenant is studying, starting a new job or has just gotten an internship, so he/she is very busy and you may not see him/her often. Nevertheless, maintaining good relations is essential. In this way, each party will be able to live together serenely and with respect for property and people. We advise you to prepare the room beforehand, make the bed and plan a short welcome time to present your lifestyle and agree with your tenants on different points:
– Access to the kitchen and bathroom
– The use of the washing machine
– Meal times and, more broadly, the space of life of each person

Communication and anticipation are the two essential ingredients for successful cohabitation. For example, contact your tenant before arrival and arrange an appointment for the handing over of the keys and moving in. No rules relating to arrival times or days are fixed, all you have to do is organise yourself. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself, get the first information and establish a climate of understanding and trust. If during your stay you encounter difficulties with your tenant and a simple exchange to clear up any misunderstandings is not enough, the Be my nest team is at your entire disposal to assist you and find solutions.

Equipment to be provided

Being a Be my nest Host means setting up your tenant in the best possible conditions to study or work. Thus, it is necessary to provide him/her with :
– Access to the kitchen
– A reserved space in the refrigerator and cupboards
– Access to the washing machine
– A wired or Wifi internet connection
– Access to the bathroom
– Suitable bedding
– Sheets and towels

If for any reason you cannot provide any of these facilities, we are here to adapt your conditions to the needs and desires of your future tenants.


You, Be my nest Host, determine your rent. We are here to advise you, but you are still the only decision-maker.

You receive your rent at the beginning of each month. Two options are possible: manage the collection of rents yourself or delegate the management to us, so you don’t have to worry about anything and you avoid any financial relationship with your tenant. This solution is optional.

In accordance with Law n°89-462 of 6 July 1989, the rent due by the tenant is determined in proportion to the number of days of presence in the month. Example for a departure on June 15 (month to 30 days) with a rent of 600€ (days of presence: 15) : (600/30) x 15 = 300€.


If you rent a room at home, we advise you to check directly with your insurance company to ensure that it covers you in case of a problem. Finally, we strongly recommend that you have a rental agreement signed. If you encounter any difficulties, contact us and we will send you a model that complies with the regulations in force.

And in conclusion

You have questions, you hesitate, you are afraid, you are still wondering if you want to rent your room… don’t worry, there is nothing complicated in the end and in 98% of cases, everything goes perfectly… In every situation, common sense prevails. Always. And above all: the Be my nest team accompanies you and remains at your disposal throughout the booking process and even during and after the rental, by phone or email, at any time of the day!

See you soon 🙂