Frequently asked questions

A Guest is a student, a trainee, a professional… who needs accommodation in Paris for at least 1 month and without time limit. Our Guests come from France and elsewhere and speak all languages. They come for different reasons but with only one thing in common: to live Paris from the inside and enjoy all the advantages of accommodation in a private home: comfort at low prices, advice and good tips, contact with the locals.

A Host is a person who welcomes a Guest to his house or apartment for a short, medium or long time. A private room is available, with all the necessary equipment. Depending on the Host, different options may be available.  An essential principle unites them: they all want to welcome a Guest and accompany them in the success of their stay.

A Partner is a school, university, agency, company or other organization with accommodation needs. We offer tailor-made contracts, which can be adapted to any need, any desire and we offer our Partners discounts and other benefits.

All our Hosts are rigorously selected according to a set of criteria relating both to the accommodation (location, comfort, equipment, cleanliness, etc.) and to the desire and the capacity of welcome. We visit each accommodation and meet each host. In order to guarantee the quality of our offer, we maintain regular contact with them.

For more information, please consult our quality charter.

Be my nest allows Hosts to offer a wide range of accommodation in private homes. Each accommodation offers one or more rooms, with private or shared bathrooms. We take care of all requests, so that each Guest can find their ideal Host.

We offer a fully secure payment system through Société Générale, our banking partner, so you can be sure that your orders are processed securely. We protect all personal information you provide to us on a secure server.

The safety of our Hosts and Guests is our first priority.  The profile of each Host is checked before being put online. The Be my nest team checks in person the accommodations referenced on the website In order to enhance security, the Host’s announcement will only indicate his first name and will not provide any postal address. Les Guests will receive the address and contact details of the Host once the reservation has been confirmed.

The identity and profile of the Guest are also verified when requesting accommodation.

The creation of your account will allow you to have a first contact with the Be my nest team who will then be able to take care of your request.

With Be my nest you are sure to find a suitable hosting that meets your requirements very quickly, reliably and securely. You have access to personalised assistance and service from the time you make your request until the end of your stay. In addition to all this, we visit each accommodation we offer, we know our Hosts: this allows us to know exactly what we offer you.

Select the district of Paris or the city that interests you, scroll down the list of rooms in our catalogue, select one or more and send us a request for information. The request will be processed directly by the Be my nest team who will contact you very quickly to confirm or not the availability and may offer you other rooms. In any case, we will launch a search to check if you have not missed the rare pearl! You can book your room in a few hours.

The rent includes internet, the charges and housekeeping. Depending on the accommodation, the rent may include the access to the washing machine, the sheets and the towels. The services included are specified on each ad.

If you wish, you can visit the accommodation or have a telephone conversation with your host before booking. In general, this step is not necessary thanks to the quality control of our hosting and the matching work of our teams.

You will receive the contact details and exact address of your Host immediately after paying the Be my nest service fee. These fees validate the reservation and are not refundable. You can then contact your Host to arrange your arrival.

After paying the Be my nest service fee, you will receive a booking confirmation by email. It is also at this time that you will receive the exact contact details of your Host. We can also send you the invoice and a certificate of accommodation, on request.

If you wish to cancel or modify a reservation, you must send an email to the following address: Service fees are not refundable, unless cancellation is requested by the Host. In any case, we accompany you as best we can to find the best solution for you and your Host.

The Be my nest team takes all the time necessary to process your requests, carry out a personalised search until the ideal accommodation is identified, contact the Hosts to negotiate the stay and offer them your profile. We also provide a follow-up before, during and after your stay. The costs therefore cover the entire process: research, visit of the rooms, networking, follow-up, operating costs of the Be my nest site.

It depends on the Hosts. You can therefore pay the rent either to the Host or to Be my nest via our online payment system or by bank transfer. The rent is due on the 1st of each month.

With the Smart guarantee you ensure your stay, but even more you benefit from our best offers and can find the room you need in a few hours. To benefit from it, you will need to provide 3 documents that are easy to find at home: an identity card (or passport), a certificate of schooling or employment contract, proof of financial resources of any kind. Be my nest supports you in the process!

The amount of the Smart option fees corresponds to 3.5% of the total amount of the rent, including charges.

The Be my nest team answers all your questions and accompanies you in case of problems. Do not hesitate to contact us again to tell us how your stay is going!

The Be my nest team is at your disposal in case of difficulty: we will first try to understand where the problem comes from and we will find a solution together.

Throughout the year, you are likely to receive a request. For each request that matches your criteria, we will contact you to propose the person’s profile: it is then up to you to accept or reject the request.

The accommodation you offer must be located in Paris or the Paris region and meet the following criteria:

– Do a minimum of 9 m2
– Be clean and decent
– Have a window and a minimum of furniture (bed with sheets, desk, storage)
– Provide access to running water, electricity and an equipped kitchen

Nothing could be easier! Simply fill out our form and send it to us.

A member of the team will contact you shortly to explain how it works. An appointment will be made to meet you, collect important information and take pictures of the place. The announcement of your accommodation will then be published on the site and you will receive very quickly proposals from tenants.

The announcement will be written by us using the information we have gathered during our meeting. It can be validated with you (on request) before being put online.

No personal data will appear on our website without your consent.

You cannot modify your ad directly, just write to us at the following address: or call us directly.

The publication of your ad is completely free of charge.

You determine the amount of rent. We support you in this process with specific recommendations to ensure the success of your ad.

You can manage the rent directly with your tenant, or choose our security option: you will then receive the rent by transfer to your account at the beginning of each month, without doing anything.

Once the reservation has been confirmed, you will receive the details of your Guest. You can then contact him by email to organize his arrival. A document will also be sent to you so that the cohabitation between you goes as well as possible. In addition, do not hesitate to review our quality charter.

Any income from a rental must be reported. Renting a room benefits from an advantageous tax rate: you benefit from an automatic 50% discount. For more details, read our General Terms and Conditions of Service or contact our team.

We invite you to contact your insurer to inform them of the change in situation, they can then advise you on whether or not it is necessary to modify your contract.

There is no particular obligation, except to provide decent accommodation that meets the rental criteria. You can rent a room at home very easily and in a very short time.

Simply fill in the contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

All our Partners benefit from specific advantages, defined together and according to needs. These advantages can evolve during the partnership, we adapt to all situations. Our flexibility is your strength!

We offer our Partners the most suitable agreement possible, for a renewable period of 1 year. We visit your premises and try to understand your problems, constraints and needs as well as possible.

During our first meeting, we will assist you in creating your account. A few clicks are enough and we remain available to answer all your questions.

Above all, we treat the requests of your prospects and customers as a priority. We follow up and provide you with all the necessary information. We remain at your disposal throughout the year and we can participate in your events, on request.